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Taiwan Aerogel Technology Materials Co., Ltd. (Taiwan-ATM) was founded in March 2017 by Dr. Kelven Jean-Hong Chen and currently is located in the Tainan Science Park, Taiwan.   Taiwan-ATM is dedicated in the research and development of Aerogel and the related materials and becomes the world only one company that manufactures hydrophilic type and hydrophobic type aerogel powders, aerogel granules, aerogel composite sheets and pure aerogel sheets with low cost chemical production processing method.  In addition, the company also develops a series of aerogel organic and inorganic composites.  These products have excellent thermal insulation properties and can be used under high temperature or mid-high to low temperature situations for environmental thermal insulation.  It is our vision and goal to provide carbon reducing as well as thermal insulating materials in pursuing 2016 Paris Agreement of UNFCCC.

All of our products have excellent thermal insulating capability and fire resisting property.  Our aerogel composite materials can be used to replace toxic halides or phosphates type fire resisting materials.  At the present time, the company owns aerogel-related patents with 13 invention patents in Taiwan and other countries, total up to 36 cases.  As of March 2020, 7 invention patents in Taiwan with 7 cases, 4 US invention patents with 4 cases, and 1 Chinese invention patent with 1 case.

We have also developed high temperature thermal insulating aerogel materials as well as low temperature thermal protecting aerogel materials.  These products could be applied to many fields of heating equipment in high temperature condition by covering over as thermal insulating layer. The surface temperature of heating equipment could be reduced from 350°C to under 100°C with only 1.5 – 2.0 cm thick of our aerogel high temperature insulating materials.  The energy saving efficiency could reach 35-45% level.  In answering manufacturer’s request, we have also developed aerogel boards that show excellent thermal insulating, water repelling and thermal protection properties.  There are flexible type and rigid type aerogel boards to fit your specific needs.  The maximum application temperature should be limited to 250°C.